Liz has completed Nia’s White, Green, Blue, Brown and Black Belt trainings, Nia 5 Stages, 52 Moves, Moving to Heal & Art of Teaching trainings. 

“My passion for Nia was ignited during my first class in 2010. Sensing this Nia thing was so much more than a simple dance class I signed up for as many classes and playshops as possible, stepping into White Belt in 2012. Nia has given me the tools to listen to my body, to self heal, move and dance with freedom and pleasure. I have lost weight, gained self-confidence, purpose, strength, flexibility, and body alignment. Nia has transformed my body and life.

My desire is to inspire everyBody to move, have fun and feel alive! You are always welcome to join at any time…I’ll meet you on the dancefloor!”

Liz offers one-on-one and small group classes within Brisbane’s western suburbs. You are welcome to contact her with any questions…any time!

Pricing and Details

Please phone or email if you have any questions


Mobile: 0432 891 589

MONDAY NIA TO RE-COMMENCE SEPTEMBER 2019 – date to be confirmed

Current Classes

Location Class Type Time
37 Quarry Road, Sherwood, Queensland, Australia
Classic Nia 5.30pm - 6.30pm Monday

Half Dozen Group of Artists Studio – Sherwood

37 Quarry Road, Sherwood, Queensland, Australia

Classic Nia is a joyful, low impact, movement class inspired by soul-stirring music. Nia’s unique blend of martial arts, dance and mindfulness gives you an energising cardio workout that benefits – body, mind, emotions, and spirit. You will be guided to listen to your body and practice being with sensations of pleasure and ease. Adaptable for all ages and fitness levels. Nia meets you where you’re at and invites you to move in your own body’s way.


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